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Beaumont PPS

Here at Beaumont we have a new addition to the product family, The NEAT Glass. In fact, as of the 1st of August 2014, we have been selected as the exclusive distributors of this product in the UK and Ireland.

You might have seen The NEAT Glass in this month's edition of The Whisky Magazine.

The NEAT Glass is the ultimate nosing and tasting glass. The glass’ unique shape eliminates alcohol burn, one of the biggest factors blocking the nosing and tasting experience, allowing you to relish the full aroma and flavour. To learn more about The NEAT Glass’ story and the science involved please visit our dedicated NEAT Glass website and read up on The NEAT Glass reviews. 

Hand-blown by glass artisans, The NEAT Glass is a mark of sheer quality and can be customised to represent your brand.

To enquire about The NEAT Glass, or to place an order, please contact us on 0141 226 3411, email us at or catch up with us on our NEAT Glass Twitter page.