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Imbibe Live! 2015




Beaumont PPS had the pleasure of supporting some of our client’s at the UK’s only dedicated exhibition for on-trade drinks professionals Imbibe Live! 2015.

The show was packed with over 1,000 of the most revolutionary and emerging drinks brands, providing samples of their inspirational range of beverages to exhibitors and in turn helped them cool down from London’s first heat wave of the year.

This year saw a particular trend spread like wild fire throughout the drinks industry - healthier and allergy free alcoholic beverages. On display were many healthier beverage options from lighter wines to vitamin enhanced spirits.

These could be found especially at the Smith & Sinclair’s cocktail bar who offered an irresistible and immense variety of allergy free cocktails, including an Elderflower G&T to an assorted berry daiquiri.

 2015’s Imbibe Live! show not only highlighted that the drinks sector is moving in a healthier and more positive way, but it also emphasised that the industry is forever changing and we can’t wait to see what 2016 holds in store for us!