“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

– Neil Armstrong

While our stunning Gelston’s Old Irish Whiskey Bottle Box may not prove to be as significant a moment in history as the Moon landing, it still proved to be a milestone project for the Beaumont PPS team.

Gelston’s came to us with an approximate feel for the concept they wanted brought to life, and after having seen examples of products that we produced for other brands, they requested a distinctive box that would set their brand apart, emphasizing the extraordinary nature of their whiskey.

We hold our team in high regard but our designers truly are a step up from the competition, and worked tirelessly to produce quality concept visuals for Gelston’s to consider.

Their brief required a design that encapsulated the lasting quality of the product. We worked with Gelston’s to refine the designs into the perfect final visual which would embody the Gelston’s brand.

“We take great pride in our supply partners and place great stock in developing strong and positive relationships.”

The crux of this project was selecting the right materials and processes in order to create the finest premium look and finish, involving pristine craftsmanship, printing, foiling, lacquering, more printing and engraving so that the finished product didn’t just look good – it looked magnificent. It reflects the premium nature of the product and it is built to stand the test of time alongside the outstanding liquid.

We take great pride in our supply partners and place great stock in developing strong and positive relationships. Through these, we are able to ensure that we deliver the desired finished product on time and achieve the seamless balance of presence, quality, and durability.

Gelston’s were naturally delighted with our end product, which has become the perfect embodiment for the 26-Year-Old Whiskey and its characteristics.

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