It doesn’t matter whether you are a glass half full or a glass half empty person because with Beaumont PPS bar optics, we can all be kept happy.

Customers no longer have to suffer from short fills or spillage caused by thimbles because bar optics are designed to serve the correct legal amount of drinks spirit each and every time. Like a Swiss Watch, but more reliable!

They are one of the most effective visual marketing tools that brands have at their disposal in a bar location. They are located exactly in the line of sight for consumers, and to top it all off, they fully comply with Trading Standards Weights & Measurements Act (1985).

But what does this really mean for spirit brands? It means that they have a solid and reliable marketing platform where they can visually stand atop a podium above their competitors. For the spirits brands wanting to be prominently placed, they all too frequently will see their bottles huddled next to rival brands, and too often, hidden at the back of the shelf where the consumer can’t see them.

“Customers no longer have to suffer form short fills or spillage caused by thimbles”

An optic presents an ideal visual opportunity to capture new sales from customers who are trying to decide what drink they want to order. The frequent question asked by the bar tender (for example) ‘And what gin would you like with that?’ can be answered quickly and easily through the visual identification of a Gin brand that sits proudly on an optic bracket in front of them. From established labels to up-and-coming brands, this level of exposure can prove to be invaluable. The drinks industry is, after all, a heavily competitive one and being in front of the consumer at the right time is a significant part of the battle towards increasing sales.

This is why so many of our drinks partners come to us for visually powerful bar optics and plaques. Not only are they getting a legally compliant method of dispensing spirits but they are getting a visual method of marketing that is more effective than most and is presented to the consumer at the exact time that they need to choose what brand to go for.

At Beaumont PPS, we are one of the world leaders in promotional optics. From standard plaque designs to more customised designs that truly grab the consumers’ eye and help to reinforce the brands identity and unique selling point.

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